Meet Parkside Home

Hi there!

We are Mike and Kellie, the husband and wife team behind this little shop in Surrey, Canada. The other members of our team includes Blake, a temperamental, emotionally unstable, dramatic three-year-old; Audrey, our feisty baby girl; and our favourite child – Liya, who is 60 lbs of fur and underbite

Our mission is simple -- we just want to share the things that we love with other families. We figured that we can't be the only homebodies out there right??

Mike and I both have full-time day jobs (yes, we are crazy and yes, we don’t know how we do it either). Mike is a general contractor specializing in renovations and I am an audiologist (it’s ok if you had to google that, most people do!!). I am a creative at heart but that’s normally not a desirable skill in the medical profession so this little shop was born! We work on our business in the precious, few hours after the kids fall asleep. After 8PM, you will find Mike and me working on orders; we call it “date night”. Your business keeps our marriage happy and intact – thank you!  

I don’t know how you ended up here, but I’m glad that you did. If you are a lover of all things Nutella, a die-hard dog person who is scared/terrified/suspicious of cats, a professional procrastinator, and an extroverted-introvert who is turning into your mother despite daily denial – stick around and follow us on Instagram because we are already best friends.