The Story Behind The Product: All Wood, Framed Letterboards

Have you ever wondered how things are created? Behind every product is a story.  In this post, I am going to share with you how our walnut wood letterboard was created. 

I love words and their ability to convey emotions. Majority of the signs we make are custom orders because everyone has unique message that is special to them. Whether it is an inside joke, an important date or an inspirational quote, it is truly an honour to be able to grace your walls with one of our signs. I wanted to make this process of creating custom home decor more versatile and accessible to everyone.

I began looking into letterboards for these very reasons. I love the idea of letterboards. The zen-like process of putting a message together and the ability to change messages depending on your season of life (or just season!) appeals to me. I have an extremely sarcastic sense of humour and as much as I love puns, I don't want them on my wall year found! Non-committal home decor, such as letterboards is perfect for someone like me (I have the attention span of a squirrel). 

However, traditional felt letterboards did not suit my needs. My favourite child, a 60-lb Shepherd/Boxer with a huge underbite, sheds profusely so felt letterboards ended up being covered in dog fur and lint.  I also wanted a rustic, simple look that would align with the natural wood and grain that I've fallen in love with. 

So I designed the letterboard that I was looking for (because isn't that what we all do? : )  ). Made of hardwood with a clean, simple frame. She's not fussy, she lets the wood grain speak for her, and she has that rich smell of wood after a rainfall (hey, I'm a West Coast girl after all!). She is perfect for the mom who wants to keep believing that a Scandinavian, Montessori style playroom is possible one day. For the Pinterest loving soul who is really a hot mess and only has one corner of her room that is picture-worthy. For documenting all of life's major milestones. Or just for a fancier way to display the house WiFi password. You make it whatever you need it to be! 

She was designed with a lot of self-doubt, pep talks and sleepless nights so I love her already and I hope you do too!!! 


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